New York rapper Cardi B is weighing in on the police brutality and protests going on all over the country right now. The hip-hop star took a moment to address what’s trending and deliver a major solution to helping turn things around without taking more black lives.

Cardi x Reacts

Heading into the weekend, B hit up her social media pages with some initial thoughts on protests turning violent. She explained how after years of peaceful demonstrations, the message still has not reached law enforcement.

“Seeing people looting and going extremely outraged it makes me feel like, ‘Yes. Finally! Finally, motherf*ckers is gonna hear us now! Yeah! And as much as people are so against it, at this point, I feel like I’m not against it even though it do scare me and I don’t want anybody to get hurt. It’s just really frustrating, you wanna know why? Because police brutality been going on way before I was born but it has been more visual ever since social media started getting popping. And ever since, let’s say since Instagram started, that’s just one app – how many peaceful protests have we seen? How many trending hashtags have we seen? These hashtags freaking keep repeating themselves. I feel like I’ve done videos against police brutality, I feel like this is my seventh time. I’ve been doing f*cking police brutality was f*cked up and the only sh*t that’s changed has been my f*cking teeth. So it’s like, people are tired.” -Cardi B’s Twitter

A Key Solution

Instead of ending the discussion there, Cardi took things up another notch. B detailed the importance of using the power of voting to create a massive switch in law enforcement and the criminal justice system.

“Motherf*ckers are educated. Motherf*ckers could take the grown and adult way and act peaceful, people are tired of that. Now this is what people have to resort to. And another thing, I also want to say this, another way for people to take power, I don’t want to make everything political but it is what it is. It’s by voting. And when I say voting, I’m not only talking about the president. We can vote for mayors. We can vote for judges and we can also vote for district attorneys. Yes, we can vote for these people for our community. We sure can. The people who are voting for these people are most likely cops, most likely rednecks. That’s why every single time some f*ck sh*t like this happens, it goes to their favor because these people have the power. The judges, DAs, they have the power to prosecute these cops when they do f*ck sh*t.” -Cardi B’s Twitter

Wait, There’s More

This week, rap star Nas and vixen Tori Brixx reacted to protests turning violent across the country. The pair shared shots of both a car and building being set on fire.

“5/29/2020” -Tori Brixx’s Instagram

“Minnesota my heart is with you!” -Nas’ Instagram

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Minnesota my heart is with you!

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Before You Go

On Saturday, rap executive Wack 100 shared his take on peaceful protests turning violent. While supportive of people standing up against police brutality, the high-profile hip-hop manager urged folks to not destroy businesses.

“That store did NOTHING to US! A lot of IGNORANT sh*t going on . Doing sh*t just to do sh*t. Every move should be a step forward not a step backwards. Some of our PEOPLE work at these businesses …. Target what counts our children are watching …” -Wack 100’s Instagram

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That store did NOTHING to US! A lot of IGNORANT shit going on . Doing shit just to do shit.Every move should be a step forward not a step backwards. Some of our PEOPLE work at these businesses …. Target what counts our children are watching …

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