Rap veteran DJ Khaled is here for the family time moments. This week, the Miami hitmaker shared some heartwarming moments with his newborn son Aalam.

Khaled x Aalam

In a new video clip, Khaled is seen holding his 5-month-old baby and speaking to him. Aalam hasn’t spoken his first words yet but did all the talking with his priceless facial expressions.

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DJ Khaled with his baby boy 🥰

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High-Key Details

The We The Best CEO has love for all those around him. He took to social media earlier this month to celebrate the birthday of his kids’ nanny. Khaled shared a picture of his children posted up with their caretaker Rosa along with a heartfelt message about how much they love her.

“Happy bday Rosa we love you so much @asahdkhaled @aalamkhaled love you so much KHALED FAMILY LOVE YOU SO MUCH !” – DJ Khaled’s Instagram

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Happy bday Rosa we love you so much @asahdkhaled @aalamkhaled love you so much KHALED FAMILY LOVE YOU SO MUCH !

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Wait, There’s More

Khaled is showing the value in having friends in high places. The hip-hop producer recently went online to share a sneak peek at Travis Scott‘s new Air Max ‘Cactus Trails’ sneakers he received from the Houston rap superstar.

“Travis Scott sends DJ Khaled his new Air Max “Catcus Trails” that drop May 29” -SOHH’s Twitter

Before You Go

Recently, the hip-hop entertainer had social media’s full attention after shutting down a woman doing the most to him during an Instagram Live session. In May 2020, footage went viral of Khaled low-key losing it when a lady showed off her half-naked body after he accepted a request to chat.

You gotta feel for the guy, ’cause he was desperately trying to tell her to chill, that he’s got a family, that he loves his fans … but to please STOP ’cause she was clearly embarrassing him. That didn’t deter the determined dancer — she kept at it, and even started pouring water on herself. Khaled had had enough … he ended the chat. He wrote of the interaction, “I have love for everyone please take it easy when I’m on fan luv ig luv. Again I have love for everyone please lets be respectful nothing but love BLESS UP!” (TMZ)