LA-based Mexican artist Edel MJ offers-up an ode to infidelity on his debut hit “Three Hearts.” From the synthetic production elements to Edel MJ’s mind blowing vocals, everything about “Three Hearts” sets the atmosphere for sensuality to take over. The story is common, the delivery is not. Edel talks about a time when he was seeing a girl who already had a partner, addressing infidelity in a playful and artistic manner. Beyond the storytelling, Edel MJ introduces himself with a banger that many would dream to have as a first release. 

Not only is the song so addictive, but it also comes paired with a beautiful music video, itself a work of art, with a special emphasis on the creative lighting effects the directors have managed to infuse throughout the visuals. 

Currently working on his next projects, Edel MJ is now becoming a creative force to be reckoned with in urban music, and it would come as no surprise to see him explode the charts this year. Stay tuned! 

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