New York rapper Fat Joe has nothing but respect for the greatest of all time. The Terror Squad leader has stepped up to share some throwback moments hanging out with sports icon Michael Jordan following last night’s “The Last Dance” finale.

Air Joe

Joey Crack hit up Instagram last night with the must-see flashbacks. The pics feature him chilling with MJ both surrounded by people and hanging out solo.

“The Biggest in the game 🐐”they can’t win until we quit” m j” -Fat Joe’s Instagram

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The Biggest in the game 🐐”they can’t win until we quit” m j

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“It is what it is guys 🐐”

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It is what it is guys 🐐

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Epic Finish

Last night’s finale capped off an epic run of broadcasts. For the past few weeks, ESPN has aired two episodes of “The Last Dance” centered on Jordan’s final season with the Chicago Bulls.

What will be the legacy of “The Last Dance”? ESPN’s 10-part documentary series about Michael Jordan and the 1990s Chicago Bulls concluded on Sunday night, offering unprecedented access to one of the greatest dynasties and players of all time. With the NBA season on hold, Jordan and that era of basketball helped fill the void. (ESPN)

Wait, There’s More

Last night’s finale also delivered a huge shocker. Jordan revealed he would have come back for a one-year deal to try and win another championship in the 1998-1999 NBA season.

“If you asked all the guys who would have won in ’98, Steve Kerr, Jud Buechler. … We gave you a one-year contract to try for the seventh. Do you think they would have signed it? Yes, they would have signed it. Would I have signed for one year? Yes, I would have signed for one year. I had been signing one-year contracts up to then. Would Phil have done it? Yes.” (“TLD”)

Before You Go

After Sunday night’s broadcast, a couple ESPN personalities recapped the multi-week run and spoke to director Jason Hehir.