Atlanta rap star Future is under legal fire. His recently-confirmed baby mother Eliza Reign has sent legal papers his way over their relationship and lack of financial support.

Eliza Reign

According to reports, Eliza Reign, Future’s ex-girlfriend claims he hasn’t paid a dime in child support. To make matters worse, she also revealed he hasn’t even met their 1-year-old daughter.

She writes, “For over a year, the Plaintiff herein has refused to acknowledge his paternity of the parties’ minor child, has never paid a penny in support for the minor child, and in fact is never even met the minor child. Moreover, the Plaintiff has violated numerous orders of the court in the underlying paternity case pertaining to both DNA testing and discovery, and continues to stall and delay those matters, and use his other related proceedings (the preceding herein and his similarly frivolous domestic violence proceedings) to attempt to exert pressure upon the Defendant to dismiss or unfavorably resolve the paternity matter.” Eliza says despite the DNA test proving Future is the father, he refuses to see his kid or pay a dime in support. She is suing Future for defaming her name by refusing to admit he was the biological father. (The Blast)

Legal War

Future had previously hit Reign with a lawsuit, saying she had run his name through the mud and repeatedly called him.

Future is suing Eliza accusing her of defamation and ruining his reputation. He admitted having a sexual relationship with Eliza from 2016 until 2018. He said once she became pregnant she started harassing him with daily phone calls. (The Blast)

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Future’s ex Eliza Reign says she’s yet to see a dime of child support for her daughter

Wait, There’s More

Outside of family drama and Future’s baby mamas, Future has figured out how to hit Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift‘s level of pop success. During a new Apple Music’s Beats 1 interview with radio veteran Zane Lowe he discussed crossing over from trap to popular culture. Future claimed he’s responsible for discovering the key to this transition. He said he’s figured out how to make everything blow up and become instant bangers.

“I found the glitch to the matrix, I found the recipe. Once you find the recipe, then you got…then it’s just like tryna find the cure for corona[virus]. Like, I found the got damn, the cure to makin’ this shit go pop – trap shit going pop. Like, whatever you doing, it’s gon’ pop. Like, you could be yoself and it’s gon’ pop. Like, you could cross over too. You could get the same money as a pop star by being yoself. You don’t even have to do no corny a** sh*t. You just be yoself and you get pop star money.” (Apple Music Beats 1)

Before You Go

The superstar also questioned why rappers aren’t making as much money as their peers in pop. He was specifically talking about shows, saying hip-hop performers should be getting paid more to perform.

“At the end of the day it’s about, man, what these checks talkin’ ’bout? Why we not getting this much money for these shows? We need to get a million dollars for a show.” (Apple Music Beats 1)