East Coast rapper Joyner Lucas is about putting family first. The hip-hop entertainer took a moment away from music-making to share a heartfelt moment with his son.

Joyner x Jr.

Lucas hit up Instagram this week with the epic moment. The pic features Joyner holding his son in his arms and dishing on what fatherhood means to him.

“It’s amazing how i teach him all about life, and in return he teaches me what life is all about… ❀️” -Joyner Lucas’ Instagram

Like Father Like Son

Recently, Lucas shared another inside look into his personal life. JL acknowledged his dad’s birthday with a throwback pic of themselves together.

“Happy birthday pops. 🎁 hope you love your new whip and your rolly @joonnzznn” -Joyner Lucas’ Instagram

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Happy birthday pops. 🎁 hope you love your new whip and your rolly @joonnzznn

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Wait, There’s More

A few days ago, Joyner spoke on landing his ultimate dream home. Lucas revealed he low-key dropped millions on the crib.

“Just dropped a few Ms on my dream mansion last week. No mortgage. All them prayers and blessings paid off. πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½ pics coming soon”

Before You Go

Joyner recently blew fans away with a “Will” remix. The record features Hollywood superstar Will Smith putting down some major bars.