Atlanta rapper Lil Yachty is coming through with the Thanksgiving Day dessert. The hip-hop star has announced plans to put out new music next week in the form of his Lil Boat 3.5 project.

Lil Yachty’s Lil Boat 3.5 Drops Turkey Day

Lil Boat went to his Twitter page to break the news to fans. Without giving an exact drop time, Yachty vowed the project would arrive before Black Friday.

“LB3.5 Thanksgiving Night 🦃” -Lil Yachty’s Twitter

Lil Yachty’s Lil Boat 3.5 is coming.

Lil Yachty Secures Playstation 5

Outside of new music hype, Yachty recently went to his Instagram page with a must-see shot of himself. In the pic, he’s shown holding onto two massive Playstation 5 units and revealed it only cost him a hug.

“All it took was a hug” -Lil Yachty’s Instagram

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Lil Yachty secures Playstation 5.

Along with his PS5, Yachty made sure to let the world know he’s all about the new Xbox Series X console too.

“Understand I’m actually an xbox boy. But truthfully I converted to computerslam”

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Lil Yachty Gets Desperate For Playstation 5

Initially, Yachty went to his social media pages and did the most all in the name of Playstation 5. The Georgia native asked employees of either BestBuy or GameStop in Atlanta to help secure him one of the next generation consoles.

“I need somebody who work at best buy or game stop in atl to secure me a ps5 I’ll give them a hug, dm me on ig … Send proof you work there also” -Lil Yachty’s Twitter

Travis Scott Joins Playstation

Playstation recently blew hardcore gamers and hip-hop heads’ minds with a massive announcement. The powerhouse and rap star Travis Scott joined forces to make room for Cactus Jack as a new creative strategist with the company. To make the announcement even more wild, Sony released a Travis-starring commercial plugging its upcoming Playstation 5.

Today, we’re excited to announce Travis Scott has joined the PlayStation family as a strategic creative partner. We heard Travis is a huge PlayStation fan, so we started a conversation with him that led to this unique partnership. Through our mutual passion for gaming and creativity, we plan on collaborating with Travis and his Cactus Jack brand to produce innovative projects that we hope will delight our collective fans. (Sony)