Maybach Music Group’s Meek Mill is keeping tabs on what’s going down around the country. The Dreamchasers boss has shared some disturbing revelations connected to another black life being taken at the hands of law enforcement.

Meek x Unbelievable

Mill went to Instagram Monday with some shocking details. Meek shared his reaction to Louisville, Kentucky law enforcement reportedly not having body cams working when they killed unarmed black man David McAtee.

David McAtee

According to reports, the shocking incident happened Monday in Louisville. The local resident died after law enforcement fired shots into a crowd of people.

David McAtee, a BBQ chef who was described as a “pillar in the community,” is dead after Louisville police and members of the National Guard opened fire on a crowd. Authorities said someone in the crowd had shot first, but witnesses dispute that account. McAtee’s death comes weeks after Breonna Taylor was killed in her home by Louisville police and days after George Floyd’s death by Minneapolis police. (Twitter News)

Wait, There’s More

Social media has erupted with reactions. People have lit up their Twitter pages to speak on the aftermath of David’s death.

Before You Go

As a result of cops’ body cameras not working, the mayor of Louisville has taken immediate action. Mayor Greg Fischer fired the head of police over the body cams failure.