Hollywood actor Terrence J is feeling the Internet’s wrath. The hip-hop personality has sparked some major backlash after going off on fellow entertainer Marlon Wayans about his success stemming from his family.

Terrence x Explodes

Footage from a recent Instagram Live shows Terrence exploding on Marlon. J essentially tried to suggest Wayans is famous and wealthy because of his star-studded brothers and sisters.

“Listen, let me just school you on something man, this ain’t all about your family, your family can’t bail you out of this one, alright. There’s other people in the world that are not Wayans’ people.” (Instagram Live)

High-Key Details

Wayans didn’t stay mum. Marlon credited his family for raising him and told Terrence to put respect on the Wayans name.

“Let me tell you something about family, I don’t ever need them to bail me out of nothing. They raised me, if you ever think I’m great because of me, you’re wrong. I’m great because of the tribe that raised me. You’re gonna respect the tribe.” (Instagram Live)

Wait, There’s More

Social media didn’t waste any time in responding to the viral footage. People took direct aim at Terrence for coming at Marlon’s head.

“Terrence J sound stupid and like a hater . A solid family BUILDS TOGETHER Keenen Wayans did exactly he was pose to do for the culture and his family and his family STOOD ON THEIR OWN TALENT period. Sh*t wasnt handed to any of them they put in work ! Terrence and his barking wack”

Before You Go

Despite the perceived e-beef, Terrence and Marlon have a close-knit relationship. Today, J hit up Instagram to share a pic of themselves hanging out at a Black Lives Matter protest.

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