New York rapper Troy Ave thinks Meek Mill needs to simmer down. The Brooklyn native went online to dish on the Dreamchasers boss’ publicized beef with Tekashi 6ix9ine.

Troy x Meek

In a recent “The Facto Show with Troy Ave” broadcast, the hip-hop artist kept it 100 on Meek. Troy Ave checked Meek Mill and said he should focus on other things than e-beefing with the Internet troll.

“That’s how it feel about why the f*ck is Meek Mill going so hard on 6ix9ine and sh*t? If you ain’t about to about kill that n*gga when you see him or nothing, don’t say sh*t. It don’t matter. F*ck what this n*gga talking about. Alright, whatever, n*gga don’t have no opinion on sh*t and then, ‘Nipsey said, Nipsey said.’ N*gga, what the f*ck did Nipsey have to do with this sh*t? Nothing at all. If that’s a fact, there’s a n*gga sitting in jail right now that killed Nipsey. Bail that n*gga out. Think his bail is $10 million or something like that, bail him out and kill him in the streets if n*ggas is really on some sh*t. And then plus, they said that n*gga wasn’t even a rat. I heard he got accused of being a rat. That’s what Wack 100 was saying. He was saying he wasn’t a snitch, he was a gangster and n*ggas called him a snitch and he came back firing.” (“The Facto Show with Troy Ave”)

Troy Ave checks Meek

High-Key Details

In May 2020, Meek went on a mini-Twitter tirade directed at 6ix9ine. Mill initially ripped Tek about working with the government but then deleted his tweet.

“The internet got a witness in witness protection living in a town house that can’t even come outside saying check on me. I’m helping free people you putting family members behind bars. I gotta crush you for the culture you chump! How you sleep at night lol” -Meek Mill’s Twitter

Wait, There’s More

The same week, Tekashi struck back at Meek Mill after putting out footage of him rapping about snitches. 6ix9ine questioned his interest in focusing on his life and even shaded him about Meek’s ex-girlfriend Nicki Minaj not wanting him anymore.

“Imagine being this pressed – Nicki don’t want you no more” -Tekashi 6ix9ine Instagram

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Before You Go

Recently, Meek made a comment about the person who killed Los Angeles legend Nipsey Hussle. MM took things further by saying 6ix9ine should apologize for snitching.

“I hope that rat going live to apologize to the people he told on or the victim….. Y’all forgot that fast a “rat” killed nipsey he wasn’t suppose to be on the streets! That’s the only thing ima day because he’s dead… left his baby mom and child like a coward as targets!” -Meek Mill’s Twitter

Meek Mill takes a swipe at Tekashi 6ix9ine

“And that new song trashhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! We heard that bullsh*t lol” -Meek Mill’s Twitter

“All these cops killing people and this nigga about to go live joking about being apart of that to feed some rich white people lol when they make spaceships y’all know we copping up right lol”

“Now you just a informant behind a keyboard tryna troll families you ruined so it’s not gone hit the same… and by the way I’m doing this for my “sons” so you won’t be around to impact their lives ever!!!”