LA-based rapper and urban artist Jonni Apollo has just blessed us with his latest song, a beautiful rap track dedicated to Zara Jeanne, his daughter, titled “Afieroméni Stin”, which simply means dedicated to. The track captures this essence of the special relationship of a father and his daughter, one of the most beautiful human connections on earth that he skillfully translates into sound, lyrics, and hopefully soon, visuals. 

He follows-up on his previously released and highly noticed track “Chains From Apollo,” a single and music video off his same titled album released in 2020. Known for delivering his flow at light-speed, Jonni Apollo is rapidly building a solid reputation for himself in the game, thanks to his natural talent but also to his ability to dig deep in his soul to extract the most meaningful lyrics and messages to share with his ever-increasing following base. 

“Afieroméni Stin” is released via Apollo’s own label, Chains from Apollo Records.