Mr. Serv-On reflects on the time that Luke Records and Death Row engaged in a heated brawl, where Snoop Dogg quickly found himself involved.

Back in 1992, a rising Death Row Records found themselves embroiled in a heated feud with Luke Records, a Southern-focused label founded by Uncle Luke of the 2 Live Crew. As it happens, both labels went on to cross paths at the Jack The Rapper convention and a brawl proceeded to transpire. Today, No Limit rapper Mr. Serv-On hit up the Murder Master Music Show to reflect on his own involvement in the altercation, detailing how even a young Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre found themselves caught up in the whole mess. 

Reports indicate that the evening was set to be Snoop’s debut solo performance — unfortunately, it didn’t take long for chaos to ensue, as a slew of Luke Records affiliates rushed the stage. “They caught [Snoop] back there, they didn’t really do anything to him,” begins Serv, reflecting on the infamous night. “When we found out we ran them! Trust me we caught hold of a few, and the police really kept us from doing what we wanted to do. That’s what came with it, they were the type, man. As great as a label Death Row is, people might think I’m crazy for saying this — but Suge, and he knew it, his immaturity got him where he’s at right now. But he was an innovator in what he did. But we made it through there. That could have been the end of us.” 

Though things could have easily gone left, the fight ultimately proved beneficial for Serv, who explained that he actually met Master P in the midst of the mayhem. “That’s how I met P during that fight,” he explained. “I met P again and gave him my cassette during that fight at Jack The Rapper at the Mariot in Atlanta. Me and K-L were together, I had my gun with me and we were watching that shit unfold. We were in the corner with [X-Scape], standing while all this is going on and P and C-Murder walk up and say “What’s happening?” through all this chaos, like nothing is going on.” 

Interestingly enough, Serv and Snoop would later go on to be labelmates after the Doggfather joined the No Limit roster in 1998. Be sure to check out the Murder Master Music Show for more insight into the deep cut tales of hip-hop’s history books.