Kudos to Dirty Harry for coming back with some new killing sounds for our ears and souls! Hailing from Broward, FL, Dirty Harry serves an urban vibe and reflects on his life, evolution, and faith in God.

Confidently, Dirty Harry presents his talents and introduces himself to the crowd as a skilled rapper with the top-notch skill of transferring the 90’s era vibe we all love by adding what’s needed to create those hypnotizing bops.

His raw talent and soulful flow can be enjoyed all throughout both tracks -records that see Dirty Harry mixing modern rap and classic elements merged with pure 90’s Hip-Hop influences creating smooth music you can easily chill to.

On balance, Dirty Harry’s rapping style and music taste remind us of the biggest names in the game such as Master P, Tupac, and Dr.Dre and while these powerful influencers help Dirty Harry create smashing tracks like  “Sleepless Nights” and “Blue Face,” we are being left hungry for more.