Roddy Ricch says he has a new album on the way.

Roddy Ricch has not only been killing the charts but he’s also been minding his business. That’s probably why Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial was as appropriate as a title could get for his debut album. Though he’s been stacking weeks at the top of the Billboard Hot 100, it appears that he’s readying a new project. The rapper was on Instagram Live, living his best life in a pool when he declared that he has a new album on the way and it will be out soon. “Album comin’ soon as fuck,” he said.

Jerritt Clark/Getty Images

The supposed album that’s on the way is a “masterpiece,” according to the Compton rapper. In a recent interview with GQ, the rapper shared very few details surrounding his mysterious sophomore project, though he hyped it up heavily. His comments on Live are a contrast from what he said in the interview that was published two weeks ago. “Could I drop a new album right now? Yes. Will I? No,” he said. 

Clearly, he’s changed his tune. It would be impressive if he dropped two albums within the span of a year. “It’s really not about it being ready or not ready. It’s more about the timing. I really just drop when I feel like it. The next album is going to be a full blown masterpiece. A real idea. A real body of work,” he added.

 Peep the clip below. We’ll keep you posted on any more details surrounding the project.