The singer responds to not receiving any nominations as reports state he was snubbed after negotiations to perform at the Grammys became heated.

Just yesterday (November 23), The Weeknd was full of love as he thanked his supporters for enduring with him throughout his career. “Just wanted to thank the fans for committing to this journey with me,” he tweeted. “I love you guys so much, none of this is possible without ya’ll seriously. XO.” His March release After Hours was hailed as a cinematic and sonic masterpiece that landed the Canadian artist a No. 1 spot on a variety of charts, and although it has been celebrated as one of the biggest albums of the year, The Recording Academy didn’t acknowledge The Weeknd‘s accomplishment at all. He didn’t receive any nominations, and it’s something that continues to be a Grammy snub that fans are still trying to wrap their heads around.

The Recording Academy’s interim CEO Harvey Mason Jr. said that there were only so many spots available for nominees, but that wasn’t a good enough excuse for The Weeknd‘s fans. Finally, the singer responded to the news of being snubbed in a brief tweet. “The Grammys remain corrupt. You owe me, my fans and the industry transparency…” he said.

It’s unclear if The Weeknd, who has already won three Grammys, will get the explanation he seeks, but another report suggests that the snub was purposeful. According to TMZ, the singer was asked to perform at both the Grammys and the Super Bowl, but because both events are reportedly in the same week, negotiations with The Recording Academy were intense. It was allegedly agreed that he could do both performances, but because the negotiations became a tad heated, the outlet reports that the Grammys decided to exclude him from the nominations altogether.