XXXTentacion fans are disgusted and outraged after his Instagram account hosted a live-stream last night.

There is a case to be made that XXXTentacion’s team has been mishandling the late artist’s legacy through a series of poor decisions that have left a bad taste in the mouths of his fans. 

Since the rapper passed away in June 2018, two posthumous albums have been released, Skins and Bad Vibes Forever, which have been critiqued as sounding “unfinished” by the fans. Many have accused XXX’s own mother, Cleopatra Bernard, of using her son as a cash grab for other opportunities. Because of what happened last night, that much is being discussed on social media again.

Out of nowhere, fans of the late “SAD!” rapper got a notification from Instagram that XXXTentacion had gone live. Being deceased for over two years, fans were perplexed, wondering what the hell was going on. The live-stream on his account drew over 300,000 people concurrently, but fans were upset to find Cleo pushing a song featuring Ikabod Veins, an artist she is working with.

Fans are upset about the way Cleo is using XXXTentacion’s social media accounts. They believe that his pages should be left alone, accusing her of disrespecting her son’s legacy. 

The outrage is understandable and, obviously, Cleo is doing what she believes is right, being Jah’s mother. However, the fans have a very clear point. 

What do you think about his account hosting a live-stream?