Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz wants to see Ralo back home. The hip-hop veteran has come forward to share his support for the fellow rap star and anyone behind bars on a cannabis-related charge to get released from jail.

Big Facts

Deuce went to his social media channels Monday and kept things 100. The rap heavyweight encouraged his fans to join a petition to get people like Ralo back home.

“#freeralo and anybody else who gotta a weed charge , they Fina start selling that shit in Walmart” -2 Chainz’s Instagram

2 Chainz wants Ralo freed

High-Key Details

In April 2018, Ralo landed behind bars after getting arrested at DeKalb-Peachtree Airport. Law enforcement claimed he traveled to California twice to get nearly 1,000 pounds of marijuana worth nearly $2 million to sell in Atlanta.

Terrell Davis, known by his stage name Ralo, faces a federal charge of possession with intent to distribute. Authorities allege Davis sold drugs from several apartment units he rents in Atlanta dubbed “Ralo’s Hood,” WSB reported. Davis and eight of his associates, believed to be part of his purported gang Famerica, are named in an 11-page criminal complaint. (Fox 13 Memphis)

Wait, There’s More

Days prior, the rap entertainer had a request to leave jail denied. A judge refused to give Ralo the green light to get out from behind bars.

Despite the evidence against him, the rapper’s supporters say he gives back to the community, and is accused of selling a drug that’s legal in many other states. “Because he’s in Georgia, he’s going to prison for a year. Had he been in California, he would have been just another marijuana millionaire,” Veronica Waters said. The judge denied bond for the rapper, saying he violated probation on a prior arrest and was a convicted felon. Only one of the other defendants was granted bond. (WSB-TV)

Before You Go

In April 2019, buzz developed about Ralo finally getting out. His legal team suggested his days behind bars were coming to an end.

Ralo’s management tells 11Alive that the young hip-hop star is currently in federal custody, but he may be released soon. He pleaded not guilty to several allegations of drug trafficking and gang activity. Ralo’s manager, Queen said he could be released as early as this summer. (11 Alive)