42 Dugg has been sentenced to one year for failing to report to jail. The Detroit rapper was originally sentenced for a gun charge in 2019  and repeatedly did not turn himself into jail, due to court orders.

Detroit rapper 42 Dugg has been sentenced to one year after pleading guilty to prison evasion, according to the Detroit News.

In addition to other penalties, the “Maybach” rapper will be required to pay a $20,000 fine and undergo three years of supervised release, during which he will be prohibited from using illegal drugs. 42 Dugg pleaded guilty to failure to surrender in February and prosecutors recommended that he serve a six-month sentence, but a judge overruled the recommendation.

In April 2022, 42 Dugg was also expected to report to a West Virginia prison and did not appear, which caused federal agents to retrieve him. While he is set to be incarcerated, 42 Dugg has given a helping hand to a police officer in the past by offering to pay a suspended officer’s six-month salary in 2021.

The Detroit rapper was originally arrested for a gun charge after firing a gun at an Atlanta shooting  range in November 2019. 42 Dugg was a convicted felon of carjacking and firearms possession charges and was not allowed to fire a weapon. He was ultimately arrested and charged with felony firearms possession in March 2020.

42 Dugg faced 10 years for the gun charges but avoided jail time with a plea deal.

One rapper who was also in jail for failure to appear was Asian Doll, who did not show up to court after receiving multiple tickets for speeding in November 2022. Another rapper who is also facing jail time is Houston rapper Maxo Kream, who turned himself in due to his 2016 RICO case.

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42 Dugg Facing 5 Years In Prison For Possessing Illegal Firearm

42 Dugg pleaded guilty to possessing an illegal firearm and could face up to five years in prison. The possible sentence comes from failing to surrender to custody for an illegal firearm charge.

Detroit rapper 42 Dugg could face up to five years in prison after pleading guilty to illegally possessing a firearm, according to a Detroit News report.

The “We Paid” rapper pleaded guilty to failing to surrender to custody to serve a six-month sentence for illegal possession of a firearm. Dugg also faces a  $250,000 fine. 

He will be sentenced on May 10.

Prosecutors made a deal with Dugg that he serve a six-month prison sentence, requiring him to enter a 30-day inpatient program and a 30-day outpatient program. Dugg agreed to the recommended sentence. 

Dugg is currently in custody in the U.S. Penitentiary Atlanta. 

Dugg was previously arrested for felony firearm possession in March 2020 and was sentenced to three years probation and ordered to pay a $90,000 fine in November 2021.

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42 Dugg Touched Down In Private Jet To Find Police Waiting. Here’s How He Snitched On Himself

42 Dugg was arrested at a Michigan airport yesterday after failing to turn himself in to serve an outstanding six-month prison sentence. The irony is that the rapper snitched on himself while bragging on social media.

42 Dugg Touchs Down

42 Dugg was brought in by Michigan police yesterday after he failed to turn himself in to serve an outstanding six-month prison sentence and the subsequent revocation of his probation.  The rapper had been avoiding capture but gave away his location hours prior in a bragging social media post.  

In March 2020, a federal grand jury in Georgia charged the rapper, born Dion Hayes, with firearm possession. The charges originated when the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives received an anonymous tip that Hayes was firing weapons at an Atlanta gun range in November 2019.  There was also footage implicating the rapper who was barred from possessing firearms following his release from prison. 

Dugg was previously convicted of carjacking and firearms possessions in Michigan in 2011. He pleaded guilty to those charges in November 2020 with a three-year probation. 

The probation was revoked in February 2022 after Hayes was arrested for obstruction and battery in Las Vegas. He also had “multiple positive test results for use of controlled substances,” which is another violation of his probation.  He was then sentenced to six months in a West Virginia prison.

The Detroit rapper was ordered to report in April 2022 to begin his sentence. When he didn’t appear, a warrant for his arrest was issued. 

The “We Paid” artist was hiding in plain sight, attending Tuesday night’s NBA playoff game between the Golden State Warriors and Memphis Grizzlies. As the private jet landed back in Detroit early Wednesday morning, he was apprehended.

42 Dugg Hiding In Plain Sight

Dugg gave authorities his full GPS location when he jumped on IG to brag just hours prior to his arrest.  The rapper is seen on the tarmac showing off his “PJ” – or private jet – as he boasts about carrying guns and codeine on the plane and didn’t get searched. Dugg is wearing thousands of dollars in jewelry and trash talks for about 6 minutes about his status and taking his buddy “to the game.”

Tekashi69 Calls Out 42 Dugg For A Fight

The never-ending social media trolling continues. This time, Tekashi69’s new target is rapper 42Dugg, who was caught in the crosshairs after trying to defend 6ix9ine’s recent victim, Perkio.

6ix9ine called out rapper 42 Dugg for coming to Perkio’s defense after calling him lame. Tekashi made it clear he would smack the fire out 42 – with his consent. 

You guessed it, the “We Paid” rapper didn’t pull up to fight the “TROLLZl” artist. Instead, he did what any rapper would do – pulled up to the studio to make a diss track instead.

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