If you’re a fan of rap music but also want to incorporate your faith into your listening experience, then finding Christian alternatives to your favorite rappers can be a great option. These artists provide similar musical styles and vibes to their secular counterparts, but with a focus on faith, hope, and positivity. In this list, we’ve compiled some Christian rappers that give off similar vibes to some of your favorite artists, including Future, Play Boi Carti, City Girls, Drake, and Lil Durk.

Future X Big Breeze (Christian Artist)

If you’re a fan of Future’s trap sound, you might appreciate Big Breeze, a Christian rapper with a similar vibe. Big Breeze’s music blends trap beats and catchy hooks with lyrics that explore his faith and spirituality. 

Play Boi Carti x K See (Christian Artist)

If you’re a fan of Play Boi Carti’s unique style, you might enjoy K See, a Christian rapper who blends trap beats with lyrics that explore spiritual themes. K See’s music offers a fresh take on the trap genre while still providing the same energy and vibe.

City Girls x Wande, Porsha Love (Christian Artists)

If you enjoy the confident and empowering lyrics of City Girls, you might like Wande and Porsha Love, two Christian rappers with a similar message. Their music features catchy hooks and bold flows, with lyrics that focus on self-love, faith, and positivity.

Drake x Don Ready

If you love Drake’s emotional and introspective sound, you might appreciate Don Ready, a Christian rapper who brings a similar depth to his music. Ready’s music explores themes of faith, hope, and perseverance, with a sound that blends soulful production with honest and relatable lyrics.

Lil Durk x Son Son

If you enjoy Lil Durk’s melodic trap sound, you might like Son Son, a Christian rapper who brings a similar vibe to his music. Son Son’s music features auto-tuned vocals and hard-hitting beats, with lyrics that explore his faith and personal journey.

Overall, these Christian rappers offer an alternative to secular music while still providing the same musical styles and vibes that you enjoy. Give them a listen and see if they resonate with you.

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