Solange Knowles announced last week the launch of her free digital library curated with rare books and art by Black creators.  Here are the top 5 most revolutionary books in her collection that haters of “Critical Race Theory” do NOT want you to read.

Solange - Banned Books

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Solange Knowles Books On The Banned List

Solange Knowles is expanding the reach of her creative studio, Saint Heron, to the masses with the launching of a free community library. The collection boasts a selection of rare and out-of-print literary works by Black authors, including 50 art anthologies, poem collections, magazines, novels, and history books that anyone in the United States can borrow for a total of 45 days.

The works currently available include a photography and poem collection by artist Amiri Baraka, a copy of Langston Hughes’ 1942 “Shakespeare in Harlem”, multiple poem collections by Audre Lorde, Octavia Butler’s “Clay’s Ark” and more. 

With information and teaching about black identity and history being forced out of schools by the uninformed who equate it with Critical Race Theory, these 5 books would definitely be banned.

  1. Children Coming Home – Gwendolyn Brooks. We love looking at perspectives from children in Chicago. Children’s real voices — our children’s voices–  are often not heard. We love that Brooks gave them voice.
  1. My One Good Nerve – Ruby Dee – Our iconic, legendary actor and wife of Ossie Davis gives us a real, more contemporary, energetic and very relatable story.
  1. Clay’s Ark – Octavia Butler –  We loved her sci-fi mind back then which is so relevant today, as it could be about the spread of Covid-19.  Looks at the power of survival and self centeredness.
  1. In Our Terribleness: Imamu Amiri Baraka & Fundi – “I love you black people because I love my Self. / And you are the self, thrown big against the heavens.”A contemplation of the glory, rhythm, bluster, wit, and fury of ordinary Blackness.  A First edition print of poet, playwright, teacher, and activist Imamu Amiri Baraka’s groundbreaking photo-essay on Black aesthetics.  Baraka’s son is the one and only Ras Baraka, mayor of Newark, NJ.
  1. Earthquakes And Sun Rise Missions: Poetry And Essays Of Black Renewal – The first book in Austin Clarke’s acclaimed trilogy about a group of West Indian domestics, their friends, lovers, spouses and employers living in Toronto.

Noname Opens “Radical Hood Library”

The A Seat At The Table singer is on the same page as rapper Noname, who recently just opened a free hood library in Los Angeles for her popular book club. 

After several months of planning and construction, The Radical Hood Library officially opened its doors this month. Various sections of the library include prison writings, global Black resistance, class organizing, organizing strategies, African American history, Imperialism, and literature.