Boosie was recently arrested in San Diego for gun possession while filming a music video for “How You Wanna Play It?” with rapper Bully Three. The Louisiana rapper is known to have several run-ins with the law and has since been open about his disdain for law enforcement.

Boosie’s Arrest 

On May 6, Boosie, real name Torrence Hatch Jr., was arrested on charges of felon in possession of a firearm, concealed weapon carry in a vehicle, an unlisted owner of an unregistered firearm, and possession of ammunition by a prohibited person. 

According to reports, Boosie was bonded out on the same day. 

Boosie’s Disdain For Law Enforcement

Boosie has been known to show his disdain for law enforcement in different ways. Recently, at a San Diego nightclub appearance, Boosie had the crowd chant, “F*!K San Diego Police!” 

In another incident, Boosie reportedly “trolled” police officers by performing “Set It Off” on a highway during a traffic stop instead of complying with their orders in August 2022. It is also worth noting that Boosie has also been previously arrested on gun charges in the past. 

He was also found not guilty of first-degree murder in 2012.

Also, in the past, Boosie suggested that his run-ins with police may have gotten his Instagram account deleted at one point.

New York rapper Lil Tjay is another artist who was arrested on gun charges in the Bronx. The rapper was on his way to film a music video when he was pulled over by police.