R&B singer Bryson Tiller has put education first and leveled up in a major way. This week, the popular crooner went to social media to reveal he’s officially graduated from high school.

Bryson x Graduate

Heading into Friday, Tiller relied on Twitter to let followers know he had graduated high school. It didn’t stop there though. He hinted at plans for another diploma, this time at the college level.

“Class of 2020 🎓 I never thought about going back to school until i started thinking about my goals and how to reach them. getting my High School diploma was step 1 ✔️College is 100% next. thank you IHS & @JCPSKY” -Bryson Tiller’s Twitter

High-Key Details

Tiller even had his own graduation ceremony at home. BT shared some footage from the epic event.

Wait, There’s More

Earlier this year, Tiller took fans deep into his personal life. The popular crooner has come forward to share a deep, open message to his grandma. Bryson went to Instagram back in April and didn’t hold back on keeping it 100. Tiller explained how much of an impact she had on his life.

“today i realized i lost the most important woman in my life. as i type this.. i’m also realizing that i never acknowledged you as the most important woman in my life nor did i treat you that way. i didn’t call as much as i should’ve. i didn’t do as much as i could’ve. you and i have always had a love-hate relationship and about a year ago i remember saying to someone: man i really need to be there more for my grandma regardless of what we’ve been thru because i don’t know how long you’ll be around. today is the first time i find myself only thinking about the good and not the bad. I’ve never lost anyone really close to me before, i’ve never understood how it felt.. i lost my Mother at a very young age so i couldn’t really process what was happening. Today is the first time i carefully read the letter you wrote me 4 years ago and i tried my hardest not to get tears on it or let it blow away in the wind. I took it out of my important-things-box weeks ago and i told myself i needed to read it again carefully but i never got around to it. i ended up cleaning my room and putting it back in the box.” -Bryson Tiller’s Instagram

Before You Go

Tiller didn’t stop there. He went on to reveal personal words his grandma shared with him four years ago in a handwritten letter.

“in the letter your words were: im sorry i was so hard on you guys growing up, it was just really hard as a single parent taking care of you after your mom passed, i hope you don’t have any resentment towards me, im so proud of what you’ve accomplished” Maamaw im so sorry🥺 today i let go of any resentment i ever had towards you and im sorry i EVER complained about ANYTHING you couldn’t do for me. I love you so much and i wish i read this letter sooner because i would have called you to tell you that i promise i would have. a few months ago i bought you a car after you asked me for a year straight but i always told you to wait until i got back on the road to start making money again. something told me to just go get that car anyways because i knew how bad you wanted to leave the house. im so glad i did because that was the happiest i’ve seen you in a long time. im sorry i didn’t bring Harley around more. im sorry you never got to meet Kelly. I love you and i forgive you for everything and im sorry i never got to tell you.”