New York rapper Cardi B might be dealing with some behind the scenes issues holding up a much-needed Invasion of Privacy follow-up album. New buzz has developed about why a new project is in limbo.

Cardi Negotiations

According to reports, discussions about her record deal is possibly keeping Cardi B’s next album from progressing. A new partnership is rumored to be holding up the LP’s development.

What about Cardi B? She’s dropped a number of tracks and features in the last year or so, but it’s been a long while since her 2018 debut album (3.3m+ RTD). Still, she’s a monster brand; insiders say a protracted renegotiation of her record deal has held up the release of her next full-length. What’s taking so long to get that deal done? Is something more than money involved? (Hits Daily Double)

Invasion Of Privacy Follow-Up

In April 2020, Cardi hit up her Twitter page to tease her sophomore album. Specifically, she vowed to deliver a hard-hitting intro track.

“Sooo dope this make me soo happy .My new album intro going to Hit just as hard ! 😤😤” -Cardi B’s Twitter

Cardi B spoke about how happy she was with the intro of the album

Wait, There’s More

Recently, B unloaded some new pics donning pink hair. Cardi shared the shots across her Instagram and Twitter pages.

“Hello cool cats and Kittens 🐱” -Cardi B’s Instagram

Cardi B shows off her new pink hair

Before You Go

Hours prior, Cardi jumped onto Twitter with a jaw-dropping shot. B shared a look at toes each having extra long nails with eye-catching designs and admitted she’s thinking about doing her own feet the same way.

“I love this ….Highkey want to do it .” -Cardi B’s Twitter

Cardi B has always had an eclectic fashion taste