Rap star Cardi B doesn’t mess around when it comes to her family. After a Twitter troll went at her with a fake article saying her father had been arrested for rape back in the 1988, she swiftly responded and cleared up the air in several now-deleted tweets.

Cardi Facts

Heading into the weekend, Cardi shut down the troll, which also happened to be a Nicki Minaj fan account. She let the world know the article was fake.

“The fact ya make these fake a** articles with no f**kin sense …wait so if he was release in 1993 how the f**k I was born in 1992 ? Where his 1988 mugshot ? You see ya gotta lie better then that !” – Cardi B’s Twitter

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Some desperate, delusional barbs were back at it today again tryna slander cardi b by claiming her dad was a convicted rapist. She responded very swiftly.

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Papa Facts

Cardi continued and gave some information on her dad, mentioning his home country and recalling his time in the United States as a cab driver.

“My father name is Carlo Julio Almanzar. A immigrants that came to America in 1990 from the Dominican Republic.If my dad would have committed any crime he would have been deported and wouldn’t be able to get a job as a cab driver for nine years ! And by the way my father used to help artist come to America from The Dominican Republic. One of his best friends is The biggest artist in DR .FEFA. Ya can ask about my father never ! Had that s**t in his record! Ya tried it tho!” – Cardi B’s Twitter

Wait, There’s More

She’s 100 percent here for the graduates around the world. The hip-hop heavyweight has delivered a major shout-out to high school and college graduates gearing up for the next stages in their lives. On Friday, B hit up her social media pages with a major salute. In addition to congratulating graduates, Cardi B also shared advice on how to pick out college classes.

“Congrats to my high school and all my college graduates. Congrats, congrats, congrats and don’t let the coronavirus take the special moment from you. You guys have mostly picked your college already so I want to say how to pick classes. When you go to college, I feel they offer so many different classes – make sure the classes you take are going to benefit you one day. Make sure you research careers that are around the money you want to make in the future.” -Cardi B’s Twitter

Before You Go

Recently, buzz developed about the holdup with Cardi’s much-needed sophomore album. Some reports claim behind the scenes negotiations have forced the project’s setback.

What about Cardi B? She’s dropped a number of tracks and features in the last year or so, but it’s been a long while since her 2018 debut album (3.3m+ RTD). Still, she’s a monster brand; insiders say a protracted renegotiation of her record deal has held up the release of her next full-length. What’s taking so long to get that deal done? Is something more than money involved? (Hits Daily Double)