Chance The Rapper’s wife, Kirsten Corley-Bennett, posted a cryptic message on Instagram after a video of him dancing inappropriately with another woman went viral. In the message, Corley-Bennett shared a quote from Maya Angelou’s essay “Home,” discussing how most people “never mature.”

The Chicago rapper was recently spotted at Jamaica Carnival 2023 dancing “inappropriately” with a woman who wasn’t his wife. Fans of the rapper called him out for his behavior and expressed disappointment in his actions. Some fans argued that the type of dancing was part of the culture, but others were not convinced.

Chance has faced backlash in the past. He recently faced criticism for his set at the Black Star Line Festival, where he performed alongside Dave Chappelle. Additionally, some fans have even called him “irrelevant” at one point.

Chance’s Wife Shares Cryptic Message; Fans Show Their Support

After the video went viral, Chance The Rapper’s wife, Kirsten Corley-Bennett, took to Instagram to share a cryptic message. She posted a quote from Maya Angelou’s essay “Home,” highlighting the part where Angelou talks about how most people “never mature.” Corley-Bennett captioned the post with:

“I hope one day, we all choose to grow up.”

Fans supported Corley-Bennett’s message and encouraged her to stay strong.

Fans of the couple have been leaving supportive messages in the comment section of Corley-Bennett’s Instagram post. One fan commented, “This knocked the breath out of me…I felt it all.” Another fan said, “Yes, mama, I’m with you. That energy – yes, compassion for those who can’t, no judgement here though I’m on a journey and starting to find joy in it – idk if I’ll arrive, but working at it. Peace to you and your lovely family.”

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It remains to be seen how Chance The Rapper will respond to the backlash he’s received, but he’s not the only rapper to recently find himself in hot water. DDG, another rapper, has also recently been caught up in a controversy involving another woman.