North Carolina rap star DaBaby is speaking out. After having stayed mum on the recent protests following the murder of George Floyd, Baby has taken to social media to break his silence.

Baby x Police

In a new series of tweets, DaBaby has explained his delay in speaking up about the events that have been going on. He says he doesn’t want his intentions to get mixed up with those who are just clout chasing.

“I always sit back and let the hype blow over before I give my insight so my perspective don’t get confused with all the ppl who only speak for likes & comments, or to save face, or maybe because their PR department, label, or management told em they should make a statement….”

“….in order to preserve their integrity & not lose fans, business, support from the black community, etc. ion gotta fake kick it & play sad, This Baby it’s been F**K EM. & It’s gone be f**k em. Im really what they consider a N*GGA I go through this sh*t daily…”

“if n*ggas knew better they would know it ain’t just the police, it’s f*ck da LAW period. The whole system. Sh*t been corrupted, and a lot of us really victims of it, sh*t I got cases open RIGHT NOW. Stay focused w/ your fight, out smart em.”

“& Before I go, all you internet MFs who ain’t never even been in handcuffs before don’t talk to me, You don’t know nothing bout this sh*t, stay focused. Don’t let your intentions get watered down worrying about what “famous” ppl doing with their influence. Y’all be safe🖤”

Past Connection

DaBaby also said admitted to having been a victim of police brutality. He was also charged with assaulting an officer several years ago despite claiming to be the one who got beat.

“I’m a real life victim of racism & police brutality. 95% of the people yapping on the net aint never been beat up by the police & charged w/ some shit they ain’t even do, I HAVE. Assault on an officer 2017, look it up. Wanna win OUT SMART em, beat em at their own game.”

Wait, There’s More

DaBaby isn’t taking any chances with COVID-19. The hip-hop heavyweight went online to share a shot of himself showing off some fashion drip with a dab of face mask. Baby went online last week to share a shot of his protective measures. The hip-hop entertainer jumped on Instagram with a pic of himself rocking a hoodie and protective medical mask.

“This ain’t that.” -DaBaby’s Instagram

DaBaby gets his face mask on to step out

Before You Go

In a recent interview, DaBaby reflected on his success and how he’s put himself as a top-tier rap entertainer. DB also explained why his music is doing better than his competition.

“I definitely would say I did find a balance. A lot of people put out an album maybe once every two years. I don’t know another artist that has put out the volume of music I’ve been putting out and have been successful at it. I haven’t been putting out music that’s flopping. I haven’t put out anything that ain’t been platinum. You see what I’m saying? I’m going to the Grammys and sh*t like that. It’s really going on. I gotta take part in those types of strategies to make my music in high demand.” -DaBaby’s Instagram