Former Roc-A-Fella label executive, Dame Dash was cleared of sexual battery by a federal court on Feb. 16, according to reports. Photographer Monique Bunn, in 2019, accused Dash of inappropriately touching her while she sleptBunn filed a lawsuit for $50 million.

Dame Dash Wins In Sexual Battery Case But Still Owes 30K For Defamation

Avoiding the crosshairs of the #MeToo movement, the former record co-executive Dash was cleared of sexual battery in court by a federal jury on February 16th.

The lawsuit follows the sexual battery allegations made by photographer Monique Bunn who claimed he inappropriately touched her in his home in 2019. 

Bunn initially filed a $50 million lawsuit but was awarded $30,000. Dash was cleared of the sexual battery however he is still on the hook over Bunn’s defamation claims. 

According to Bunn, Dash accused her on social media of charging thousands of dollars to a credit card without permission. 

“Thankful to the jury,” Bun said. “For the result of my defamation claim, I’m pleased to move forward.”

Damon Dash Response

“Enough said, justice prevails,” Hip-hop mogul Dash responded with a victory lap on Instagram.

Even Snoop Dogg Had Troubles

In an exclusive statement to, a spokesperson for Snoop Dogg detailed how a federal court dismissed a sexual assault allegation filed against the rapper in 2022. The federal court dismissed Jane Doe’s lawsuit in April after she voluntarily withdrew her allegations.