YSL member YSL Woody recently began trending after a lengthy three-hour interrogation. A video reveals Woody claiming Young Thug has been calling shots behind bars.

Footage of detectives speaking to YSL member YSL Woody is sparking a buzz on social media. The lengthy interrogation lasted for three hours.

The trending excerpt is a clip of Woody insinuating he has information to help bring down the YSL organization. The YSL member revealed that someone was supposed to be killed the night of the interrogation. 

Woody also goes into great detail about the alleged murder that was gearing up to take place.

Throughout the interrogation, Woody asks if stating this information would help him beat his case or if they could offer him a deal. The detectives replied, explaining they couldn’t offer him anything.

Young Thug and his organization YSL are being investigated under RICO charges. Rapper Gunna, also a member, was released in December 2022. Many people believe Gunna also snitched and is currently being shunned from the rap community.

A Documentary On Young Thug & Gunna’s YSL Trial Is Officially In The Works

Young Thug, Gunna, and members of their label, YSL, were indicted on RICO charges in 2022. A new documentary called Rap Trap: Hip-Hop On Trial will highlight the trial and rappers’ freedom of speech.