Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane wants his fans to see the big picture. The hip-hop veteran went online this week to share some motivational words to followers about grinding out their own success story.

Gucci Mane’s Before/After Reflection

Guwop went to Instagram Tuesday with a major flashback. Mane shared a before/after shot showing his early rap star days to how he’s living in 2020.

“It ain’t all about how you start it’s how you finish!” -Gucci Mane’s Instagram

Macho Man

Yesterday morning, Guwop did Man Crush Monday justice. Gucci Mane lit up his Instagram page with a slideshow of pics showing off big time muscles.

“All ya n*ggaz ninja turtles 🐢 Ya Ceo a sewer rat 🐀.” -Gucci Mane’s Instagram

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All ya niggaz ninja turtles 🐢 Ya Ceo a sewer rat 🐀.

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Gucci Mane’s muscles are really something else

Wait, There’s More

Last Sunday, Gucci’s wife Keyshia Ka’oir went online with a must-see marriage goals-driven shot. In the pic, she’s chilling alongside Mane in their backyard.

“Backyard on this fine Sunday! #TheWops” -Keyshia Ka’oir’s Instagram

Before You Go

Last week, Ka’oir went to her Instagram page with a must-see slideshow flexing major curves. She acknowledged living in quarantine and wanting to come back to the world with a jaw-dropping physique.

“Hopefully I can come out of quarantine looking like this 😩” -Keyshia Ka’oir’s Instagram

“Yesssssss you are 😍😍😍” -Trina

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Hopefully I can come out of quarantine looking like this 😩

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Keyshia Ka’oir shares the body goals she hopes to reach post-quarantine