Atlanta rapper Gunna dropped a verse in the song “Brodies” with German rapper Ufo361. This is the first song since his release after a plea deal for RICO charges and being labeled as a “snitch.” 

Atlanta rapper Gunna has gotten his freedom back after accepting a plea deal for his RICO charges. He has also dropped a new verse with German rapper, Ufo361 called “BRODIES.”

Gunna Is Back, Now What?

In Gunna’s verse, he raps about living the high life pointing out items such as luxury cars and jewelry, while Ufo361 raps in German.

This marks Gunna’s first released verse since his return after accepting a plea deal. Since then, the “Pushin P” rapper also had a recent fallout with fellow Atlanta rapper Lil Baby. Additionally, fans on Twitter even compared the fallout to one similar to other Atlanta rappers, Rich Homie Quan and Young Thug.

While incarcerated, star producer Metro Boomin had Gunna and Young Thug feature in his promo video for his latest album, Heroes & Villains. Gunna also had support from friend and singer Chloe Bailey, and Philadelphia rapper MeekMill advocated for him to be released before he could be free.

Boosie Calls Gunna A “Rat” After News Of His Release

Following the release of Gunna due to taking a plea deal on  RICO charges, Boosie spoke his mind on Gunna pleading guilty in court. “This would have put tears in my eyes, my brother,” Boosie said. 

Gunna’s release caused mixed reactions in the rap community, shaming him and welcoming him home.