Vixen Hennessy Carolina isn’t counting calories right now. The hip-hop model took a break from her non-stop work grind to enjoy the tastier things in life.

Carolina x Grubbin’

On Friday, Hennessy went to her Instagram page with a shot of herself surrounded by tons of food. In addition to sipping on wine, Carolina made sure to keep a slew of meats, cheeses and pizza in an arm’s reach.

“Back to one of my favorite hobbies 🥂🍕” -Hennessy Carolina’s Instagram

High-Key Details

This past Wednesday, Hennessy Carolina went to Instagram with a must-like throwback pic. The shot featured Carolina wearing dark lipstick, a ton of chains and snapping a mirror selfie.

“#Tb #BronxLiving I probably was a freshman in college here. And I was trying to let my curls come back.Here am I …. back at it again 😂 #MyHair #TheRealHennessy” -Hennessy Carolina’s Instagram

Hennessy Carolina shares a throwback pic

Wait, There’s More

Monday night, Hennessy Carolina jumped on Instagram with a steamy clip of herself looking quarantine fine. In the footage, she’s showing off her natural beauty rocking a one-piece outfit.

“#2weeksago Quarantine Gains.💪🏽” -Hennessy Carolina’s Instagram

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#2weeksago Quarantine Gains.💪🏽

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Hennessy Carolina’s quarantine fine

Before You Go

Hennessy recently went online with some must-watch footage from her first-ever TikTok video. Hennessy’s sister Cardi B even admitted re-seeing the clip 30 times.

“My first time trying Tik Tok, how did I do ? 🤣🤣🤣” -Hennessy Carolina’s Instagram

“I watch this video like 30 times 😂😩😂” -Cardi B

“Get em Henny 😂😂😂😂😂😂” -Juju

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My first time trying Tik Tok, how did I do ? 🤣🤣🤣

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Hennessy Carolina’s first TikTok