Tell us more about your new single, “MmmHmm.” What inspired you to record this song and what does it represent for you?

The inspiration behind “MmmHmm” was something like a confidence boost, but over all , it’s metaphoric for keeping your inner circle, your inner circle. The people in my life have been there for me for possibly everything, and there’s a select few I would never trade for anything. The realest people in your team are the ones who are meant to stick around.

What is the main difference between this new single and your previous hit “New Bag” in terms of creative process and vibe?

I feel as if “New Bag” was a gateway into what I can do creatively. The creative process that came with “MmmHmm” was so natural, almost as if the words were already there. That’s a huge factor for me when writing.. that’s how I know when a song is “the one”. “MmmHmm” unlocked a new level of creation for me

How did the collab with Kenai take place, and how was that experience, are you planning more releases together?

I met Kenai when I first worked with Davyhon, my producer, and I thought his sound was so dope. His lyrics and melodies are so seamless, so I knew I wanted to work with him eventually. The day I recorded “MmmHmm” there was no plan to do a remix or have a feature. At the end of the session, I had mentioned him getting on the song and he was down. He wrote his verse in probably 10 minutes (beyond talented) and it completed my vision. I would definitely like to create more with him. Good vibes only.

Where do you see yourself in a few years from now?

In a few years, I hope to see myself continuing my journey in the music industry. There’s so many things I want to accomplish, the road to success is never ending, but I’ll make it as far as I can.

List 5 artists that helped you shape your sound. 

I love all music and I take inspiration from everything I hear. Lyrically and melodically. 


-Kendrick Lamar

-Etta James

-Jhene Aiko

-The Dirty Heads

Are you thinking of releasing a third album soon?

The current body of work I have finished will be my next release which comes out on October 25th and has new songs including “MmmHmm” and the “MmmHmm” Remix.

Any other new projects you’d like to share with us?

As far as upcoming releases, I’m always working on new stuff… so needless to say, there will be things to expect.

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