Kendrick Lamar comes back at Drake with a new diss song called ‘Euphoria’ which clocks at more than 6 minutes.

For the past couple of weeks, there has been speculation when and if Kendrick will decide to hit back at the Toronto superstar after he went hard at Dot with ‘Push Ups‘ and then the AI driven track ‘Taylor Made Freestyle‘.

Kendrick sort of scored an advantage when the Tupac estate hit Drizzy with a cease & desist over using Pac’s AIR voice for his diss and also mentioned that Kendrick was a “friend of the estate.” Drake had to take down the track from his social media eventually.

Dot even says some lines which are aimed at Cole like “I see two of them, kissing and hugging on stage, I love them to death.”

“When I see you stand next to Sexyy Red, I believe you see two bad b-tches,” raps Kendrick on another line. Listen below.

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