Rapper and entrepreneur Killer Mike have acquired Kinly, a new banking platform to help Black communities build financial wealth. This acquisition aligns with Killer Mike’s mission to promote economic empowerment among Black and Brown consumers.

Killer Mike Acquires Kinly

According to reports, Killer Mike has acquired Kinly, a mobile banking app designed to help Black communities build financial wealth. The acquisition was made through Killer Mike’s Greenwood, an institution that provides financial services to Black and Brown communities. With this acquisition, over 300,000 Kinly users will now have access to Greenwood’s fintech products.

Kinly’s partnership with Greenwood will enable users to access Greenwood’s financial products and services, including savings and checking accounts, loans, and investments. This partnership will give users more options to help build their financial wealth.

Greenwood’s Mission To Promote Financial Empowerment

Greenwood, launched in 2020, aims to encourage Black and Brown consumers to patronize minority-owned financial institutions instead of relying on banks with a history of discrimination. The acquisition of Kinly is another step in Greenwood’s mission to promote financial empowerment among minority communities.

Besides his banking initiatives, Killer Mike recently announced his upcoming summer tour, The High & Holy Tour

Cordae’s Partnership with Venmo

Cordae is another rapper passionate about promoting financial literacy among young adults. He recently partnered with Venmo to teach financial education. The partnership resulted in a new series titled “Money Talks,” which aimed to educate young adults about managing their finances.