Latto recently poked fun at a Twitter user who claimed she frequently wore the same cheetah print panties. The rapper even attempted to sell the underwear on eBay, which violated the site’s policy.

Grammy-nominated artist Latto is riding the wave of a Twitter user who tried to embarrass her publicly. The account @extraathique accused Latto of not being able to afford new panties. Latto replied, “Oh no, it’s the panty police.” 

The reply went viral, obtaining over 138,000 likes. Latto took to her Instagram live to clear the air, saying she is a fan of Cheetah print panties and has multiple pairs.

She also posted a bid for her used panties shown in the photo on eBay starting at 99 cents. The sale was doing reasonably well until it was removed by the platform.

According to eBay’s used clothes policy:

“Used underwear and socks are not allowed.”

Users that were still interested in purchasing are encouraging Latto to create her own site to continue selling them.

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