Levi Strauss & Co. is taking steps to promote diversity by using AI-generated avatars to model their clothes. Levi’s hopes to better represent the diversity of their customers with new and custom AI.

A New Normal?

Levi Strauss & Co., simply known as Levi’s, has announced plans to use AI-generated models to promote diversity and inclusion, according to an article by PetaPixel

The iconic clothing brand will utilize artificial intelligence technology to create virtual models that represent a range of ethnicities, sizes, and shapes. The San Francisco- based company will partner with digital fashion studio Lalaland

Looking Towards The Future

By incorporating these models into their advertising and marketing campaigns, Levi’s hopes to better reflect the diversity of their customer base and create a more inclusive brand image. Advocates also praise the move for diversity and representation in the fashion industry.

Levi’s and Lalaland.ai’s goal for their partnership is to provide a wide range of models for their clothes regarding style, size, body shape, skin color, age, and other factors. 

Lalaland.ai Adds Another Partner

Lalaland.ai’s business goes beyond designing AI models for other companies. Levi’s is the latest company to start a partnership with Lalaland.ai. Other companies that have worked with Lalaland.ai include fashion giants Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein and German mail order company The Otto Group.