Rap superstar Lil Baby is really about the street hustle. The hip-hop entertainer recently dished on how he secured $100,000 to his name off a $60 loan.

Baby x $100K

LB went to his social media pages recently with a groundbreaking revelation. Baby responded to buzz about his sister revealing how he turned $60 into an entire salary in just 7 days. He ended the mystery by crediting the roll of a dice for helping him fatten his wallet.

“Majority came from a dice game … probably put $60 on 2k then I ain’t [lose] for a week straight” -Lil Baby Instagram

High-Key Details

Heading into last Saturday, LB didn’t shortchange himself. Lil Baby told Twitter followers a guest feature would now go for around $100,000 in 2020.

“At this point it’s safe to say I want 100k for a feature 😬” -Lil Baby’s Instagram

Lil Baby reveals his price for guest features is now $100k

Wait, There’s More

However, the price tag didn’t work for everyone, especially someone who feels Lil Baby is worth way more than $100k per guest feature. Chicago rapper Lil Durk gave his opinion on the matter and said Baby should be charging double that.

“F**k that 200k” -Lil Durk

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#‪LilBaby charging $100K a feature now, but #LilDurk thinks it should be a little more… what about y’all?? 💰 ‬

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Before You Go

Retail giant Walmart has some serious explaining to do. After selling fake versions of the iced out 4PF chains made popular by the Atlanta rap star, he has taken to social media to air out his frustrations. This week, Lil Baby reacted to Walmart selling knock-offs of his chains on Twitter and didn’t censor himself. In addition to nearly selling out with only two chains available for purchase, the massive store franchise had them going for under $70 each.

“Walmart got me f***ed up” -Lil Baby’s Twitter

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‪Lil Baby responds to Walmart selling fake 4PF chains 😂 💎 ‬

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Walmart tries to pull a fast one on Lil Baby but it doesn’t work