Louisiana State University (LSU) basketball player and rapper Flau’jae Johnson has sparked controversy after posting a video on her YouTube account featuring lyrics about 9/11. Johnson’s lyrics, which were part of her remix to Atlanta rapper Latto‘s “Put It On Da Floor,” have drawn criticism for their perceived insensitivity regarding the tragic events of September 11, 2001.

Johnson’s lyrics in the YouTube video, which stated, “In this 911 blowing smoke like the them towers,” were intended as a double entendre. However, the lyrics referencing 9/11 and the smoke of the World Trade Center’s collapse have caused outrage. One Twitter user criticized Johnson, expressing their disgust and noting the impact that the events of 9/11 had on people.

LSU’s Apology and Johnson’s Reaction

LSU issued an apology on behalf of Johnson, acknowledging the offense caused by the lyrics. In their statement to FOX News, LSU stated that while Johnson did not intend to offend or upset anyone, she expressed remorse for any misunderstanding and promptly removed the video. As of now, Johnson herself has not released a statement addressing the controversy.

Flau’jae Johnson has been gaining recognition as both an LSU basketball player and an emerging rapper. Her recent success includes winning the national championship, further solidifying her rising star status. 

JT from the City Girls faced backlash for a 9/11 comment she made on Twitter, which fans deemed insensitive. The incident serves as another example of a celebrity receiving criticism for their remarks regarding 9/11.

In recent times, music icon Beyoncé faced criticism for her lyrics that included an ableist slur. Similarly, star singer Lizzo encountered backlash for her use of the term “spazz” in her songs. These instances highlight the ongoing debate around sensitive language and the need for artists to be mindful of the impact their lyrics can have.