New York rapper Maino looks like he might want a little digital smoke. The hip-hop veteran has come forward to throw himself into the war of words between rap rivals 50 Cent and Jim Jones.

Big Facts

The Brooklyn native went to Instagram Thursday with a screenshot of 50 commenting on a Jones post. Maino appeared to respond to the G-Unit leader’s reference to giving someone a helping hand.

“Lol Nah I ain’t forget…Never will. You OverThinking brah.” -Maino

High-Key Details

On Thursday, 50 Cent shared some deep thoughts on his war with Jones. Fif shared a screenshot of Jim’s initial remarks aimed at him and talked about how people change.

“i learn something new everyday,😏see i looked out for this guy when he needed help. I made a call to get him his deal but people forget. being a good judge of character is detrimental to success and people change so you have to watch them. if you stay on point you will peep the change. 🎥#abcforlife #powerbook2Ghost #powerbook3 Raising Kanan #Powerbook4 influence #powerbook5force. 💣💥BOOM” -50 Cent

Wait, There’s More

Jimmy went online Wednesday and didn’t hold back on responding to Fif’s informant trolling. Jones updated fans on his jailed protégé Jamel ‘Mel Murda’ Jones who is connected to a Tekashi 6ix9ine federal racketeering case.

“Verified Melly said he doin super fine You have to watch out for these so call real ones thts routing for rats to come home and And wanna see real nighas go to jail Any nigha th needs to try n tarnish another mans name for personal gain has to b a hoe why else would he have my dick so far down his throat lol 😂 pause””

Before You Go

A few hours prior, Fif reacted to reports about Tekashi 6ix9ine possibly getting out of prison early as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Curtis Jackson took things further by low-key referencing Jim and his alleged phone recording with Mel Murda.

“👀😆Now associate1 ya gonna have to tell everybody how you were on tape in court on the phone coaching Mel. to super duper violate shorty but the Feds never picked you up because you are doing your job Confidential informant.”