This past weekend, rapper NLE Choppa organized a peaceful protest for the recent brutal killing of Tyre Nichols in his hometown Memphis, Tenn. Choppa was not joined by other artists from the area.

Memphis rapper NLE Choppa held a peaceful protest in memory of Tyre Nichols, who was shot by police recently.

The rapper also spoke on the numbness of watching videos of police shootings.

“We’re kind of getting numb to seeing things of that nature, and it shouldn’t be like that,” said the “Do It Again” artist. Choppa also spoke about representing Tyre with “love.”

“I felt like I kind of channeled what he wanted the world to do, what he wanted Memphis to do,” he said. Instead of doing something negative, tearing down the city, he wanted to be remembered as love.”

Choppa continued, “Rather than seeing him being beaten, how about us coming out here representing something that he loved, Let’s represent him with love with something he loved to do, which was skate.”

Tyre Nichols Shooting

Recently, five Memphis police officers who were charged with assaulting and killing Tyre Nichols have been arrested. The officers have since been terminated, and footage of the assault was released on Jan. 27. 

A sixth police officer, was identified by Jan. 30 and “relieved of duty,” according to Memphis Police.