Pras of The Fugees hip-hop group has taken legal action against 50 Cent, Kyrie Irving, and Rolling Stone for alleged defamation. The lawsuit stems from social media posts and a news article suggesting that Pras was an FBI informant. Pras’ lawyer claims these false statements have harmed his client’s reputation, leading to business losses and decreased music revenue.

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Pras’ attorney, Jonathan Noah Schwartz, released a statement addressing the matter. He highlighted the impact of the claims on Pras’ image, stating that being labeled a “government informant” tarnished his reputation, which heavily relies on “street credibility.” 

The lawyer asserts that such allegations subject Pras to disdain, ridicule, and damage to his professional standing.

Pras Fights Back Against Defamation

NBA star Kyrie Irving took to Twitter on April 25, expressing astonishment at the idea of an FBI informant being part of The Fugees, the group in which the “Ghetto Superstar” rapper rose to fame. He further speculated about the potential presence of other informants silently undermining revolutionary movements within entertainment, media, and politics.

Rapper and TV mogul 50 Cent also joined the discussion, posting an Instagram message referring to Pras as a “rat” following his guilty verdict. However, the post has since been deleted.

In an article titled “The Feds Say Pras Is a Foreign Agent,” Rolling Stone called Pras a “backroom dealmaker.” This characterization added to the controversy surrounding his alleged involvement in an illegal foreign influence scheme, including plans to persuade former President Trump to extradite a Chinese national residing in the United States.

Legal Consequences & Pending Sentencing

Pras has recently faced legal repercussions, being found guilty on various charges, including conspiracy to defraud the U.S., witness tampering, and ties to an illegal foreign influence scheme. These charges carry a maximum sentence of 20 years. 

No sentencing date has been set yet.

Other Rappers & Celebs Called A “Snitch”

Boosie, another rapper known for speaking his mind, has previously called out fellow artists. After Gunna accepted a plea deal in his RICO case, Boosie labeled him a “rat,” implying cooperation with authorities. Boosie has also accused T.I., a renowned rapper, of being a “rat” after discovering that he had cooperated with the police in a gun charge case from his earlier years.

Rapper Casanova 2X  also joined the trend of calling out others when he co-signed a meme labeling rapper Troy Ave a “snitch.” The meme referred to Troy Ave’s potential involvement in informing podcaster Taxstone about a 2016 concert shooting.

Additionally, Tekashi69, also known as 6ix9ine, has vehemently denied being a snitch. He attests that the people he was associated with “betrayed” him instead. The rapper has faced significant backlash and scrutiny surrounding his legal troubles, with many questioning his loyalty and credibility within the hip-hop community.

Pras Convicted On 10 Felony Counts, 50 Cent Calls Him A “Rat”

Pras, the 3rd member of award-winning The Fugees hip-hop group, was convicted on 10 felony counts by federal prosecutors on April 26th.

Pras entered a plea of not guilty to multiple charges. These charges included acting as an unregistered foreign agent of China, witness tampering and conspiring to make illegal campaign contributions. Pras Michel chose to act as his own legal representation during the court proceedings and plans to appeal his conviction.

A sentencing date has not yet been set.

Understanding What Pras Did

Pras, whose real name is Prakazrel Samuel Michel, openly admitted to aiding the FBI in extraditing Chinese billionaire Guo Wengui. He also discussed the three Americans held hostage by China.

They are currently trying Michel for his involvement with Malaysian financier Jho Low. Although the case also involves Low, he did not appear in court due to his status as a fugitive.

Prosecutors are accusing the “Ghetto Superstar” of running “foreign-influencer campaigns against the United States Government. These campaigns took place prior to Barack Obama’s 2nd term and Donald Trump’s 1st term in office. 

Pras Labeled A “Rat” By 50 Cent

50 Cent took to his Instagram to call Fugee rapper Pras a “rat.” This was in response to an article stating that Pras often met with FBI agents as an informant.

Recently, 50 Cent shared his opinion about Fugees’ Pras on Instagram. The post featured a thumbnail for an article that claimed the “Ghetto Superstar” artist was an informant.

The photo caption said, “ I knew this fool was a rat! I’m glad I never fuck with this guy #bransoncognac #lecheminduroi.”

Known for being very vocal, rapper 50 Cent doesn’t shy away from public opinion. In the past, he has called out fellow rapper Kanye WestInstagram, and even Father’s Day biases.

Gunna’s Legal Team Responds to “Snitch” Allegations

Pras isn’t the only rapper being labeled as a rat.

Gunna had been shunned by the rap community prior to the YSL label case. His legal team came to his defense when he was labeled a “snitch” during the proceedings.

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