Rihanna recently had an unwanted visitor at her residence in Los Angeles. The police were called to her home after a man trespassed on her property and attempted to propose to her.

Intruder Alert: Will You Marry Me?

On March 23, 2023, a man gained entry to Rihanna’s property in Los Angeles by scaling the fence, which triggered the security system. The alarming incident follows after the Fenty mogul moved to a different home after multiple burglaries and a month after gracing the Super Bowl LVII stage.

The intruder was found by the Grammy award-winning singer’s security team and was escorted off the premises. According to TMZ, the man remained persistent in his attempt to propose to Rihanna and returned shortly after. The police were then called to handle the situation.

The man was promptly arrested and charged with trespassing. Rihanna was unharmed during the incident, and there were no reported injuries.

Intruder Or Imposter Alert?!

Drake is another celebrity who also had an intruder scare. 

An intruder was arrested at Drizzy’s $70 million mansion. To get out of the arrest, the man claimed to be Drake’s son.