Since Tekashi69’s return to social media and the world of hip hop, he has been steadfastly proclaiming that he is the King of New York.  He took his trolling to new heights when he questioned Fivio Foreign’s dominance, asking NYC: “Is this your king?”.

Killmonger x 6ix-9ine x fivio

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Who’s The Real King Of NY?

Fivio Foreign’s first-week sales projections have 6ix9ine challenging his reign on NY’s rap throne.  Fivio’s disappointing first-week sales projections on his new album, B.I.B.L.E, are reportedly under 30K, giving red meat to 6ix9ine to question if he really reigns in NY rap.  

On the post concerning Fivio’s new release, 6ix9ine mocked Fivio, noting how the project had superstar backing and industry-wide favor, saying:

“This y’all king? Not blackballed, all those features, the whole industry promoted that ?? and now you Kanye and Nicki sidekick even they even tried to help you promote ????” 

This comes after a week long social media battle for supremacy and the coveted title in hip hop, “King of New York”. 

Hip-hop Or WWE?

The feud started Saturday, April 9th when 6ix9ine made his surprising return to social media with a stunning declaration that he is back as well as his self proclamation of being hip hop’s “King of New York”. 

On his Instagram page he posted a video with the caption, “I hope everybody enjoyed there 15 minutes. THE DEMON IS BACK APRIL 15TH. I’m THE BEAST they couldn’t contain. The industry most hated animal. APRIL 15th the KING OF NEW YORK IS COMING BACK. I’m going back home ??? …… ?⚡️??? AYOOOOOOO GINÈ GINÈ ?? DONT GET CAUGHT ON REPLAY ‼️‼️” 

Not everyone in the Big Apple agreed, most notably Fivo Foreign. Not long after reading 6ix9ine’s bold statement, the NYC drill king made a statement to set the record straight. He did not address 6ix9ine directly but he did make a social media post of his own that was sure to get his attention. 
On his twitter he tweeted, “5 Billboards in Times Square, Top 5 songs in NY on Apple at once, & articles in both Daily News & NY Times.. Don’t ever let that nigga say he the King Of this city ?” .

6ix9ine then went nuclear, responding to Fivio stating, “Didn’t his bestfriend just get shot in his head a month ago? He worried about billboards in Times Square….. ???”

On April 15, 6ix9ine will drop a promised new song.  The impact from the release could determine the outcome of King of NYC.

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6ix9ine Is Broke As A Joke

Tekashi69 told a New York judge in March that he is broke. His accountant produced receipts to prove it, saying he is in debt to his record label and his net worth is “less than zero.” 

On March 11, Tekashi69 requested that a NY judge overturn his payment of compensatory damages to plaintiffs Seketha Wonzer and Kevin Dozier for a botched robbery. The robbery took place in 2018 when Tekashi69 and his crew attacked the pair. The crew attacked thinking the two publicists were affiliates of rival Rap-a-lot Records. At the time, 69 and his crew were in a well-publicized beef with the record label.