The Internet loves to spark explosive debates. Social media is currently clashing over what rap entertainer Dave East has brought to the culture.

Dave x Internet

Over the past few hours, people have went in-in on where East stands in the overall realm of hip-hop. Handfuls of people tried to paint him as a mediocre rap artist at best.

A Dave East trash debate has been consuming the internet

High-Key Details

Despite the initial trolls, an overwhelming amount of people came forward to defend Dave East in the ‘trash’ debate. Most said they’d put his music-making ability and talent up against anyone’s favorite rapper.

“Really Woke up to n*ggas saying Dave East is trash and Griselda too😂🤦🏾‍♂️”

Wait, There’s More

Some people went a completely different way with the trending topic. A few women just took the opportunity to gush over East’s physical appearance.

“Since Dave East is trending. Let’s take a moment and appreciate how fine he is 🥰😋😌” -Dave East’s Twitter

Before You Go

Back in February 2020, East shared footage of himself freestyling over music icon JAY-Z‘s “Heart of the City” classic.