Producer Timbaland recently shared a preview of an AI-generated song featuring the late Notorious B.I.G.’s vocals on social media. The snippet received a lot of criticism from fans who felt it was disrespectful to use AI Biggie’s vocals. 

Timbaland Shares Preview of AI-Generated Song with Biggie’s Vocals

In the clip shared by Timbaland, he revealed that he always wanted to work with Biggie. He shared a snippet of the AI-generated song with Biggie’s vocals. The response from fans on Twitter was not positive. 

Fans expressed their disapproval of using deceased artists’ vocals for AI-generated songs. Some strongly believed it was unethical since Biggie passed away long ago. 

One Twitter user wrote, “Using dead artists who didn’t write this s*it, would not endorse this s*it to push this AI f*ckery is disgusting, this song sucks.” Another said, “This is so lame.” 

Controversies Surrounding AI-Generated Songs in the Music Industry

AI-generated songs have stirred controversy before. Concerns about AI taking over human talent led to the removal of a Drake and The Weeknd song. Capitol Records faced accusations of inadequate payment and FN Meka disappeared, prompting the removal of the AI artist from the internet.

Speaking of AI in the music industry, Columbia Records’ Bu Thiam recently weighed in on the potential of signing AI artists.