Vixen Tori Brixx can’t get enough of her Man Crush Everyday. The curvy model went online this week to gush over just how much she’s ride or die for her future husband Rich The Kid.

Brixx House

On Wednesday, Tori Brixx shared some pics of her relationship, all boo’d up with Rich. Brixx gave the world a sneak peek at how she celebrated both Taco Tuesday and Cinco de Mayo with Kid.

“My #TacoTuesdays 🌮 but it’s Wed now 😈” -Tori Brixx’s Instagram

“🌮 😎” -Rich The Kid

Tori Brixx shows us how Taco Tuesday is done in her relationship
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My #TacoTuesdays 🌮 but it’s Wed now 😈

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Splash Waterfalls

Last Saturday, Kid went to Instagram with an eye-opening pic. The shot features a topless Brixx getting extra comfy with her boo.

“Demon time 😈” -Rich The Kid’s Instagram

Wait, There’s More

Brixx went to her social media pages last week with jaw-dropping footage. The clips feature her getting extra gushy in a jacuzzi with her fiancé.

“Rich The Kid’s boo Tori Brixx gives him a lap dance” -SOHH’s Twitter

Tori Brixx gives Rich The Kid a steamy lapdance

Before You Go

A few days ago, the curvy model hit up Instagram with some must-see footage. Tori Brixx shared a clip of herself dancing doing her best to keep balance while pumping her legs for a viral dance move.

“WHOLE MY GAWWWD I ALMOST PEED @leslybonilla22 🤣🤣🤣 SEE PREVIOUS POST” -Tori Brixx’s Instagram

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