Rap crooner Tory Lanez is winning, winning and winning big. The hip-hop entertainer has come forward to acknowledge the success he’s enjoying despite the global coronavirus spread.

Big Facts

Tory Lanez commented on his first-week numbers for his latest mixtape The New Toronto 3 on his Instagram page last night to show how much of a positive impact he’s had on streaming platforms. Lanez also noted just how big he’s become after launching his popular Quarantine Radio on Instagram Live last month.

“I don’t know who this “Noah Miller” guy is … but he speaking facts . Just for insight #TheNewToronto3 is a mixtape .. and those are my first day predictions which can fluctuate thru out the week .. when chixtape 5 dropped they projected 48-55k units .. it later that week had 90 MILLION streams and sold 86,000 units … DOWNLOAD #TheNewToronto3 ON ALL PLATFORMS NOW … love ???????? it’s about good music . Not competition” -Tory Lanez’s Instagram

Tory Lanez speaks on his first-week numbers

High-Key Details

Last Friday, Tory made dreams come true with his latest solo offering. The project arrived just months after he dropped his CHIXTAPE 5 album.

Tory Lanez is celebrating his freedom with the release of his newest mixtape, The New Toronto 3. The third installment in his New Toronto mixtape series launched in 2015, the lengthy 16-track project sees minimal guest appearances from Mansa and Lil Tjay, leaving a lot of sonic space for the artist to exhibit his versatility. (HYPEBEAST)

Wait, There’s More

A few days ago, Lanez reflected on getting ready to drop his last official Interscope Records release. The rap heavyweight is now contractually free after Friday’s The New Toronto 3 rollout.

“This has been a huge journey for me and my fans and I apologize that mid way thru this , I had to dumb down my creativity , and not give y’all the 100% of quality in my music that y’all deserved to hear for so long …. The Chixtape 5 was the closest thing I’ve been able to give u that had somewhat of the quality of music that’s in store for y’all , at least up until now #NEWTORONTO3 …is a small taste of what’s to come … I DIDNT PUT ANY PROMO IN TO IT … BUT F*CK IT ??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️ just want y’all to have good music during quarantine ????????? .. I been passing out mixtapes and making projects since 2009 … I’ve been here for 10 years plus . And y’all still here supporting me .. I couldn’t ask for anything more !!!! LOVE YOU ALL ?????‍♂️ we did it !!!!! FOLLOW @thenewtoronto3 FOR A SPECIAL POST” -Tory Lanez’s Instagram

Before You Go

Last month, Tory went online to deliver huge news. Barring any setbacks, Lanez revealed his studio effort would arrive on April 10.

#NEWTORONTO3 APRIL 10 DO THE MOST VIDEO PREMIERE – TODAY AT 5 PM ??????? **********What a Monday ! ******** QUARANTINE QUARANTINE QUARANTINE! * Drops mic * ?: @midjordan“

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#NEWTORONTO3 APRIL 10 DO THE MOST VIDEO PREMIERE – TODAY AT 5 PM ??????? **********What a Monday ! ******** QUARANTINE QUARANTINE QUARANTINE! * Drops mic * ?: @midjordan

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