R&B singer Trey Songz has pled guilty to a single disorderly conduct violation in connection with an October 2022 incident at a New York bowling alley. As part of the plea deal, prosecutors agreed to dismiss the 10 original charges against him, including assault and aggravated harassment.

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Guilty Plea & Dismissal of Charges

On Tuesday, May 2, Trey Songz entered a guilty plea to a single disorderly conduct violation in connection with an incident that took place in a New York bowling alley in October 2022. According to reports, Songz was accused of punching a woman in the face multiple times in the bathroom and dragging her by her hair. A man also claimed that the singer punched him in the eye during the incident.

Anger Management Classes

Under the terms of the plea deal, Trey Songz must complete 12 anger management classes by August 2023. TMZ reports that Songz has already started taking the classes.

Previous Legal Troubles

The incident is not the first time Trey Songz has found himself in legal trouble. The singer is currently facing a lawsuit from an alleged sexual assault victim, identified only as Jane Doe. The case was dismissed due to statute of limitation laws, but the victim filed a new lawsuit against Songz.

In addition, 50 Cent banned Songz from his annual Tycoon Weekend events due to his questionable conduct.

Trey Songz Turns Himself In Amid Assault Case

Trey Songz turned himself into the police for allegedly beating two people at a NYC bowling alley in October. Trigga is said to have punched one in the face and sent the other victim to the hospital. Cops busted him in November.

Trey Songz Arrested

The “Bottoms Up” rapper surrendered to police last month for engaging in a physical altercation with two people while in a restroom at a bowling alley in New York. This is the latest of recent troubles involving Songz. In January 2021, he was in hot water after punching a cop at a Kansas Chiefs game. 

In addition, Queens rapper, 50 Cent, shared that the Virginia native has been banned from his annual Tycoon Weekend parties for his aggressive behavior.

Trey’s Legal Team’s Statements

“We have been proactively communicating with New York law enforcement,” Trey Songz’s Attorney Mitch Schuster said on the arrest. He also added, “The DA, all those involved. While we will respectfully and proactively work through all the appropriate channels we are confident that Trey will be fully cleared of any wrongdoing.”

Trey Songz Case Dismissed

Recently, Trey Songz’s name was cleared, in November, after the courts dismissed his 2016 rape accusations. The “Heart Attack” artist’s legal team won the argument over the statute of limitations. The accuser, identified as Jane Doe, waited too long to file the civil suit.

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