Taxstone’s murder trial is underway. He is accused of killing Troy Ave’s bodyguard, Ronald “Banga” McPhatter, at Irving Plaza amid the crossfire of his beef with Troy. Taxstone already pleaded guilty to gun possession, with sentencing expected to be decided after the trial.

The Trial Underway

Former rapper-turned-television and Twitter personality, Taxstone is facing a six-year-old murder trial. Troy Ave, who, at the time of Banga’s death, was beefing with Taxstone, has cooperated to testify. 

Things got heated at a T.I. concert when the beefing rappers encountered each other at Irving Plaza in New York City in May 2016. Troy also had a history of beefing with fellow Brooklyn rapper Casanova

Troy Ave’s bodyguard, Ronald “Banga” McPhatter, was killed after shots were fired during the concert. According to Troy, there were other rappers and prominent industry insiders at the T.I. concert. Still, none helped him tend to Banga.

“I really picked up my man body ni**a.,” he said to Math Hoffa in an interview with My Expert Opinion. “Like, I picked him up. all these ni**a’s that was there, Maino was there, any ni**a there, they didn’t help me pick up banga’s body, they walked past.” 

In total, the state has two cooperating witnesses, Troy Ave and Malcolm Kinyon. 

Kinyon is also charged with his connection to murder and weapon possession. He has also signed a cooperation agreement with the Manhattan District Attorney’s office. Kinyon is also facing drug and firearm trafficking charges.

Taxstone has already pleaded guilty to gun possession and will be sentenced. However, the sentencing date has not been announced yet.

Banga’s Family Blames Troy Ave

The sister of the late bodyguard known to hip-hop as Banga, has been quite vocal about her distaste of Troy Ave. Jamie Models has spoken out on behalf of her late brother and family, who have blamed Troy for Banga’s death in 2016.