Tae Terrez is a rising R&B artist originally from Memphis, Tennesse but currently living in Hawaii. His passion for music started after finishing High School and joining the U.S Army. While stationed in South Korea for a year, he discovered a hidden talent for writing music and bringing his words to life.

After moving to Hawaii, Tae found himself instantly inspired by his new surroundings. Something about the nightlife atmosphere in Honolulu fueled his aspirations even further. At that moment, he knew he found the perfect place to start working on his debut project.

Tae Terrez

Released in 2020, Nights in Waikiki is a 5-song EP available on all music streaming platforms. Every song captures the vibe of the city and invites you to get acquainted with the young artist. The first song (About Me) sets the tone for the entire project. The melody and fluidity of vocals over the slow tempo beat are reminiscent of early Drake and Trey Songs. The sexual-themed lyrics play out like a soundtrack to a private affair, aimed more towards young adults. If you find yourself intrigued with the first song, the rest of the EP is sure to live up to expectations.

Tae is eager to show the world his versatility. He promises a playlist of summer anthems with his follow-up project. No further details are available at this time, but for more music-related news, business inquiries, and booking info, you can follow him on Instagram @1taeterrez (main account) or @taeterrez (secondary account).

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